The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini

Release Date:
Apr 6, 1966
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Don Weis
Tommy Kirk Chuck Phillips
Deborah Walley Lili Morton
Aron Kincaid Bobby
Quinn O'Hara Sinistra
Jesse White J.Sinister Hulk
Harvey Lembeck Eric Von Zipper
Nancy Sinatra Vicki
Claudia Martin Lulu
Francis X. Bushman Malcolm
Basil Rathbone Reginald Ripper
Boris Karloff The Corpse
Samuel Z. Arkoff , Anthony Carras , James H. Nicholson
Louis M. Heyward, Elwood Ullman

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The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini

Hiram Stokely, a recently deceased man, discovers that he has only one day to enact a good deed in order to avoid eternal damnation. Hiram's scheming lawyer, Reginald Ripper, is determined to get his fortune, and is willing to bump off potential heirs such as Chuck Phillips and Lili Morton to achieve his goal. As Chuck, Lili and others have a lively pool party, Hiram recruits the ghost of his dead lover to help set things straight.

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