The Fighting Seabees

Release Date:
Apr 10, 1944
Running Time:
Edward Ludwig
John Wayne Lt. Cmdr. Wedge Donovan
Susan Hayward Constance Chesley
Dennis O'Keefe Lt. Cmdr. Robert Yarrow
William Frawley Eddie Powers
Leonid Kinskey Johnny Novasky
J.M. Kerrigan Sawyer Collins
Grant Withers Whanger Spreckles
Paul Fix Ding Jacobs
Ben Welden Yump Lumkin
William Forrest Lt. Tom Kerrick
Addison Richards Capt. Joyce
Jay Norris Joe Brick
Duncan Renaldo Construction Worker at Party
Albert J. Cohen
Borden Chase, ├ćneas MacKenzie

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The Fighting Seabees

A morale-boosting tribute to the US Navy's Construction Battalions who followed behind the troops invading Pacific islands held by the Japanese to build runways, roads and bridges. Wedge Donovan is the civilian head of a construction company approached by the Navy to train their men as specialists. Instead, the impetuous Donovan wants to prove his crew are up to the job, but they are shot up by the Japanese.

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