The Fighting Kentuckian

Release Date:
Sep 15, 1949
Running Time:
George Waggner
John Wayne John Breen
Vera Ralston Fleurette De Marchand
Oliver Hardy Willie Paine
Philip Dorn Col. Georges Geraud
Marie Windsor Ann Logan
John Howard Blake Randolph
Hugo Haas Gen. Paul De Marchand
Grant Withers George Hayden
Odette Myrtil Madame De Marchand
Paul Fix Beau Merritt
Mae Marsh Sister Hattie
Jack Pennick Capt. Dan Carroll
Mickey Simpson Jacques
Fred Graham Carter Ward
Mabelle Koenig Marie
Charles Cane Knox Brown (uncredited)
John Wayne
George Waggner

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The Fighting Kentuckian

Marching with his company across Kentucky, soldier John Breen meets Fleurette, daughter of exiled French general Paul De Marchand, who's the leader of a community settled by Napoleon's former soldiers. Fleurette is engaged to Blake Randolph, a businessman colluding with George Hayden to take back the land granted to the French. In love with Fleurette and furious with Blake's scheming, John helps the French fight back.

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