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The Fighting 69th

Release Date:
Jan 27, 1940
Running Time:
William Keighley
James Cagney Pvt. Jerry Plunkett
Pat O'Brien Father Duffy
George Brent Wild Bill Donovan
Jeffrey Lynn Joyce Kilmer
Alan Hale Sgt. ''Big Mike'' Wynn
Frank McHugh Crepe Hanger Burke
Dennis Morgan Lt. Ames
William Lundigan Timmy Wynn
Dick Foran Lt. ''Long John'' Wynn
Guinn ``Big Boy'' Williams Paddy Dolan
Henry O'Neill The Colonel
John Litel Capt. Mangan
Sammy Cohen Mike Murphy
Harvey Stephens Maj. Anderson
DeWolf Hopper Pvt. Turner
Tom Dugan Pvt. McManus
George Reeves Jack O'Keefe
Charles Trowbridge
Frank Wilcox Lt. Norman
Herbert Anderson Pvt. Casey
J. Anthony Hughes Healey
Frank Mayo Capt. Bootz
John Harron Carrol
George Kilgen Ryan
Eddie Dew Regan
Jack L. Warner
Norman Reilly Raine, Fred Niblo Jr., Dean Riesner

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The Fighting 69th

Scrappy Irish-American Private Jerry Plunkett is brash and defiant as his regiment trains for war, provoking his superiors and playing the rebel. On the battlefield, however, he proves cowardly, placing the lives of his fellow soldiers at risk. Only Father Duffy is willing to give Plunkett another chance. As the stakes grow higher and the battlefields lay covered with the dead, his moment of truth may prove either heroic or disastrous.

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