The Farmer's Daughter

Release Date:
Mar 26, 1947
Running Time:
H. C. Potter
Loretta Young Katrin Holstrom
Joseph Cotten Glenn Morley
Ethel Barrymore Agatha Morley
Charles Bickford Joseph Clancy
Rose Hobart Virginia Thatcher
Rhys Williams Adolph Petree
Harry Davenport Dr. Matthew Sulven
Tom Powers Hy Nordick
William Harrigan Ward Hughes
Lex Barker Olaf Holstrom
Harry Shannon Mr. Holstrom
Keith Andes Sven Holstrom
Thurston Hall Wilbur Johnson
Don Beddoe Einar
James Arness Peter Holstrom
Dore Schary

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The Farmer's Daughter

Young Swedish-American Katrin ''Katie'' Holstrom leaves her family farm in Minnesota, headed for nursing school. After her tuition money runs out, she is forced to take a job as a maid in the home of Congressman Glenn Morley . Holstrom endears herself to the genteel Morley, and begins to show a surprising aptitude for politics herself. She launches a campaign for Congress, and, as right-wing reactionaries plot against her, a romance develops.

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