The Farmer Takes a Wife

Release Date:
Aug 2, 1935
Running Time:
Victor Fleming
Janet Gaynor Molly Larkins
Henry Fonda Dan Harrow
Charles Bickford Jotham Klore
Slim Summerville Fortune Friendly
Andy Devine Elmer Otway
Roger Imhof Samson 'Sam' Weaver
Jane Withers Della
Margaret Hamilton Lucy Gurget
Sig Ruman Blacksmith
John Qualen Sol Tinker
Kitty Kelly Ivy
Winfield R. Sheehan
Edwin J. Burke

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The Farmer Takes a Wife

Despite the rise of the railroads, in the 1850s the Erie Canal is still a major route for transporting goods. Farmer Dan Harrow takes a canal boat job to save money for his own land. Mean-spirited Jotham Klore works on the same vessel with his girlfriend, cook Molly Larkins . Dan and Molly fall for each other, but she fears Dan is a coward. When he refuses to fight Jotham, Molly cancels their engagement, and the farmer must win her back.

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