The Far Country

Release Date:
Feb 12, 1955
Running Time:
Anthony Mann
James Stewart Jeff Webster
Ruth Roman Ronda Castle
Walter Brennan Ben Tatum
Corinne Calvet Renee Vallon
John McIntire Gannon
Jay C. Flippen Rube
Harry Morgan Ketchum
Steve Brodie Ives
Royal Dano Luke
Gregg Barton Rounds
Chubby Johnson Dusty
Eddy Waller Yukon Sam
Jack Elam Newberry
Robert Foulk Const. Kingman
Eugene Borden Doc Vallon
Aaron Rosenberg
Borden Chase

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The Far Country

At the height of the Yukon Gold Rush, cowboy Jeff Webster and his partner, Ben Tatum, want in on the action, and decide to drive their cattle from Wyoming to Yukon. Along their journey, the two run afoul of crooked lawman Gannon, who vows revenge when they escape him. After traveling through all manner of terrain, Webster and Tatum finally arrive at their destination. But Gannon has business in the town, and he intends to make good on his promise.

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