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Obsesión Pasional

Release Date:
May 15, 1981
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Edward Bianchi
Lauren Bacall Sally Ross
Michael Biehn Douglas Breen
James Garner Jake Berman
Maureen Stapleton Belle Goldman
Héctor Elizondo Police Inspector Raphael Andrews
Anna Maria Horsford Emily Stolz
Kurt Johnson David Branum
Feiga Martinez Elsa
Reed Jones Choreographer
Kaiulani Lee Douglas' Sister
Charles Blackwell John Vetta
Dwight Schultz Director
Dana Delany Saleswoman in Record Store
Griffin Dunne Production Assistant
Robert Stigwood

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Obsesión Pasional

Broadway star Sally is successful, famous and working on a new musical. But she's in love with ex-husband Jake, and his absence creates a void in her life. Despite her loneliness, she doesn't reciprocate when a fan, Douglas, starts sending her letters. This angers the delusional admirer so much that he starts getting violent. With secretary Belle and others caught up in the drama, Sally's career and well-being are jeopardized.

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