The Fall of the Roman Empire

Release Date:
Apr 26, 1964
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Anthony Mann
Sophia Loren Lucilla
Alec Guinness Marcus Aurelius
Stephen Boyd Livius
James Mason Timonides
Christopher Plummer Commodus
Anthony Quayle Verulus
John Ireland Ballomar
Mel Ferrer Cleander
Omar Sharif Sohamus
Eric Porter Julianus

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The Fall of the Roman Empire

Toward the end of his reign, Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius intends to hand over his throne to the steadfast soldier Livius . Before he can enact his intentions, a loyalist to Commodus, the de facto heir, poisons Aurelius. Commodus becomes an ineffectual leader, corrupt and pompous -- and although Livius concedes to Commodus' rule, he cannot stand by when Commodus threatens to kill Aurelius' daughter, Lucilla .

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