The Endless Summer II

Release Date:
Jun 3, 1994
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Bruce Brown
Robert August
T.J. Barron
Jeff Booth
Bruce Brown
Todd Chesser
Tom Curren
Mike Diffenderfer
Darrick Doerner
Herbie Fletcher
Sunny Garcia
Johnny Boy Gomes
Craig D. Gree
Laird John Hamilton
Derek Ho
Michael Ho
Cheyne Horan
Ricky Irons
Jack Johnson
Pete Johnson
Brian L. Keaulana
Rabbit Kekai
Buzzy Kerbox
Wes Laine
Brock Little
Gerry Lopez
Francois-Xavier Maltin
Liam McNamara
Tom Morey
Walter Ngcobo
Patrick O'Connell
Marco Pacheco
Rusty Pedersen
Larry Rios
Kelly Slater
Rell Sunn
Chris Taloa
Shaun Tomson
Robert ``Wingnut'' Weaver
Glenn Winton
Beau Young
Robert Nat Young
Ron Moler , Roger Riddell , Michael Harpster
Bruce Brown, Dana Brown

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The Endless Summer II

In this sequel to the seminal surfing movie, documentarian Bruce Brown again explores choice international surf destinations, this time visiting locations such as Alaska, Indonesia, Fiji, France and South Africa. Accompanying Brown are renowned pro surfers Robert ''Wingnut'' Weaver, an experienced longboarder, and Patrick O'Connell, who excels at shortboarding. In addition to these two styles of surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding are also showcased.

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