The End of the Golden Weather

Release Date:
Sep 12, 1991
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Ian Mune
Stephen Fulford Firpo
Stephen Papps Firpo
Paul Gittins Dad
Gabrielle Hammond Mum
David Taylor Ted
Alexandra Marshall Molly
Christina Milligan , Ian Mune , Don Reynolds
Ian Mune

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The End of the Golden Weather

Geoff Crome, a young boy who always has his nose buried in a book, travels to a quaint resort town with his parents and younger sister for the winter holidays. During his lazy days on the beach, Crome gets lost in his own daydreams, imagining knights in armor and a myriad of fantastical happenings. When Crome meets fellow dreamer Firpo, a gangly eccentric constantly ridiculed by the locals, he becomes determined to help his new friend achieve an unusual goal.

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