The Enchanted Cottage

Release Date:
Feb 15, 1945
Running Time:
John Cromwell
Robert Young Oliver Bradford
Dorothy McGuire Laura Pennington
Herbert Marshall Major John Hillgrove
Mildred Natwick Mrs. Abigail Minnett
Spring Byington Violet Price
Richard Gaines Frederick ``Freddy'' Price
Hillary Brooke Beatrice Alexander
Alec Englander Danny ``Taxi'' Stanton
Mary Worth Mrs. Harriet Stanton
Josephine Whittell Canteen Manager
Robert Clarke Marine Corporal
Eden Nicholas Soldier
Harriet Parsons

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The Enchanted Cottage

Disfigured from wounds suffered in war, pilot Oliver Bradford runs away in shame from his beautiful fiancée and his mother . Renting a cottage from the kind-hearted Mrs. Minnett, Oliver meets the plain-looking but gentle housekeeper Laura Pennington . As the veteran and the maid begin to learn more about one another, they see past their outer imperfections to discover that true beauty lies within.

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