The Emperor Waltz

Release Date:
Jul 2, 1948
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Billy Wilder
Bing Crosby Virgil Smith
Joan Fontaine Johanna Augusta Franziska
Roland Culver Baron Holenia
Richard Haydn Emperor Franz-Josef
Lucile Watson Princess Bitotska
Sig Ruman Dr. Zwieback
Julia Dean Archduchess Stephanie
Harold Vermilyea Chamberlain
Roberta Jonay Chambermaid
John Goldsworthy Obersthofmeister
Charles Brackett
Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder

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The Emperor Waltz

Salesman Virgil Smith is making his next big move in Austria, pushing the gramophone. He believes that if he can persuade Emperor Franz Joseph to purchase the record player, he'll strike it rich as the nation follows suit. However, in the meantime, Smith falls for a countess, a woman in a class above his own. Now in addition to convincing the emperor to buy his wares, Smith must also find a way to receive the emperor's blessing to marry his love.

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