The Emigrants

Release Date:
Sep 24, 1972
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Jan Troell
Max von Sydow Karl Oskar
Liv Ullmann Kristina
Eddie Axberg Robert Nilsson
Svenolof Bern Nils
Aina Alfredsson Marta
Allan Edwall Danjel
Monica Zetterlund Ulrika
Pierre Lindstedt Arvid
Hans Alfredson Jonas Petter
Ulla Smidje Danjel's Wife
Eva-Lena Zetterlund Elin
Gustaf Färingborg The Vicar
Åke Fridell Aron
Agneta Prytz Fina Kajsa
Halvar Björk Anders
Arnold Alfredsson Verger
Bror Englund Mans Jakob
Tom C. Fouts Pastor Jackson
Peter Hoimark Second Mate
Erik Johansson Captain Lorentz
Staffan Liljander Landberg
Goran Lundin First Mate
Ditte Martinsson Child
Lasse Martinsson Child
Pelle Martinsson Child
Annika Nyhammar Child
Yvonne Oppstedt Child
Bruno Sorwing Child
Linn Ullmann Child
Bengt Forslund
Bengt Forslund, Jan Troell

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The Emigrants

Karl Oskar Nilsson and his wife, Kristina, work a farm in a cold and desolate area of rural Sweden in the middle of the 19th century. The growing privations of their life, combined with increasing social and religious persecution, cause the Nilssons and many of their neighbors to strike out for the United States. Following a treacherous ocean crossing and an equally grueling land passage, the emigrants find themselves in the seemingly idyllic land of Minnesota.

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