The Egyptian

Release Date:
Aug 24, 1954
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Michael Curtiz
Edmund Purdom Sinuhe
Jean Simmons Merit
Victor Mature Horemheb
Gene Tierney Baketamon
Michael Wilding Akhnaton
Peter Ustinov Kaptah

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The Egyptian

In ancient Egypt, Sinuhe is a would-be doctor who saves the life of a young man suffering from a seizure. When the afflicted youth awakes, he introduces himself as the Pharaoh Akhnaton and makes Sinuhe the royal healer. While working at his new, prestigious post, Sinuhe suffers through a botched romance and the death of his adoptive parents. Despondent, he leaves the Pharaoh's court to bury his loved ones, and, in the process, incurs the wrath of Akhnaton.

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