The Dirty Dozen

Release Date:
Jun 15, 1967
Running Time:
Robert Aldrich
Lee Marvin Maj. John Reisman
Ernest Borgnine Maj. Gen. Worden
Charles Bronson Joseph T. Wladislaw
Jim Brown Robert T. Jefferson
John Cassavetes Victor Franko
Richard Jaeckel Sgt. Clyde Bowren
George Kennedy Maj. Max Armbruster
Trini Lopez Pedro Jiminez
Ralph Meeker Capt. Stuart Kinder
Robert Ryan Col. Everett Dasher Breed
Telly Savalas Archer J. Maggott
Donald Sutherland Vernon L. Pinkley
Clint Walker Samson Posey
Robert Webber Brig. Gen. Denton
Tom Busby Milo Vladek
Ben Carruthers Glenn Gilpin
Stuart Cooper Roscoe Lever
Robert Phillips Corporal Morgan
Colin Maitland Seth Sawyer
Al Mancini Tassos Bravos
George Roubicek Pvt. Arthur James Gardner
Thick Wilson General Worden's Aide
Dora Reisser German Officer's Girl
Kenneth Hyman
Nunnally Johnson, Lukas Heller

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The Dirty Dozen

As D-Day approaches, Colonel Breed hands the roguish Major Reisman an important assignment: He must train a team of soldiers to parachute across enemy lines and assassinate German personnel at a French chateau. The soldiers, recruited from murderers, rapists and criminals on death row, are promised commuted sentences. In spite of their history, the 12 men prove a spirited and courageous unit. Led by Major Reisman, they will exact revenge.

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