The Day of the Locust

Release Date:
May 7, 1975
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
John Schlesinger
Donald Sutherland Homer Simpson
William Atherton Tod Hackett
Karen Black Faye Greener
Burgess Meredith Harry Greener
Geraldine Page Big Sister
Richard Dysart Claude Estee
Bo Hopkins Earle Shoop
Pepe Serna Miguel
Lelia Goldoni Mary Dove
Billy Barty Abe Kusich
Jackie Earle Haley Adore
Gloria LeRoy Mrs. Loomis
Jane Hoffman Mrs. Odlesh
Madge Kennedy Mrs. Johnson
Natalie Schafer Audrey Jennings
Nita Talbot Joan
Paul Stewart Helverston
John Hillerman Ned Grote
William Castle Director
Dennis Dugan Apprentice
David Ladd Apprentice
Bob Holt Tour Guide
Paul Jabara Nightclub Entertainer
Jerome Hellman
Waldo Salt

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The Day of the Locust

In 1930s Los Angeles, Hollywood shines like a beacon to all the helpless people scattered across the city. In one crumbling apartment block, a blond bombshell aspires to be an actress, an artist looks for legitimacy, and a child actor performs a gross homage to Mae West. Cockfights and poverty prevail out of the glow of show business. Introverted accountant Homer Simpson watches as society collapses under greed and ambition.

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