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The Dark Corner

Release Date:
Apr 9, 1946
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Henry Hathaway
Lucille Ball Kathleen Stewart
Mark Stevens Bradford Galt
Clifton Webb Hardy Cathcart
William Bendix Stauffer alias Fred Foss
Kurt Kreuger Anthony Jardine
Cathy Downs Mari Cathcart
Reed Hadley Lt. Frank Reeves
Constance Collier Mrs. Kingsley
Fred Kohlmar
Jay Dratler, Bernard C. Schoenfeld

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The Dark Corner

When Bradford Galt, a tough private investigator, realizes that he's being followed, he confronts his assailant, a shifty fellow named Fred Foss . Galt's encounter with Foss leads to a web of intrigue involving prosperous art collector Hardy Cathcart and his young wife, Mari . Soon Galt is in over his head -- but luckily for him, his tenacious secretary, Kathleen Stewart, is on hand to help him out.

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