The Dark Angel

Release Date:
Sep 8, 1935
Running Time:
Sidney Franklin
Fredric March Alan Trent
Merle Oberon Kitty Vane
Herbert Marshall Gerald Shannon
Janet Beecher Mrs. Shannon
John Halliday Sir George Barton
Henrietta Crosman Granny Vane
Frieda Inescort Ann West
Claude Allister Lawrence Bidley
George Breakston Joe Gallop
Fay Chaldecott Betty Gallop
Dennis Chaldecott Ginger Gallop (uncredited)
Douglas Walton Roulston (uncredited)
Sarah Edwards Mrs. Josephine Bidley (uncredited)
John Miltern Mr. Henry Vane (uncredited)
Olaf Hytten Mills (uncredited)
Lawrence Grant Mr. Tanner (uncredited)
Helena Byrne-Grant Hannah
Ann Fielder Mrs. Gallop (uncredited)
David Torrence Mr. Shannon (uncredited)
Samuel Goldwyn

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The Dark Angel

Alan Trent and his cousin, Gerald Shannon, have both loved Kitty Vane since childhood. On leave from the front in World War I, Alan proposes to her, but when his leave is canceled, Kitty spends his last night with him. At the front, Gerald believes Alan has been unfaithful to Kitty, and Alan refuses to contradict him, forcing the friends apart. Later, when Alan is presumed killed in a bombing, Gerald sadly returns home to relay the news to Kitty.

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