The Crowd Roars

Release Date:
Aug 5, 1938
Running Time:
Richard Thorpe
Robert Taylor Tommy McCoy
Edward Arnold Jim Cain
Maureen O'Sullivan Sheila Carson
Frank Morgan Brian McCoy
William Gargan Johnny Martin
Lionel Stander ``Happy'' Lane
Jane Wyman Vivian
Nat Pendleton ``Pug'' Walsh
Charles D. Brown Bill Thorne
Gene Reynolds Tommy McCoy, as a boy
Donald Barry Pete Mariola
Donald Douglas Murray
Isabel Jewell Mrs. Martin
J. Farrell MacDonald Father Patrick Ryan
Sam Zimbalist
George Bruce, Thomas Lennon, George Oppenheimer, Harry Ruskin

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The Crowd Roars

Unlikely boxing star Tommy McCoy is led to the sport by his bum father, Brian . After accidentally killing his friend during a match, Tommy forsakes boxing, only to return for the money. Teaming up with powerful bookie Jim Cain, Tommy again rises to the top, earning Cain a fortune while falling in love with his daughter, Sheila . After a mobster realizes Cain has swindled him, Tommy must take charge.

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