Mystère sur la falaise

Release Date:
May 21, 1964
Running Time:
Ronald Neame
Deborah Kerr Miss Madrigal
Hayley Mills Laurel
John Mills Maitland
Edith Evans Mrs. St. Maugham
Felix Aylmer Judge McWhirrey
Elizabeth Sellars Olivia
Lally Bowers Anna
Tonie MacMillan Mrs. Williams

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Mystère sur la falaise

Because the wealthy Mrs. St. Maugham needs help raising both her garden and her granddaughter, Laurel, she hires a secretive but green-thumbed governess named Madrigal to care for the angst-ridden teenager. When Laurel unearths a murder conviction in Madrigal's past, the butler, Maitland, who has developed a fondness for the new staff member, persuades the vindictive youngster not to tell what she's discovered.

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