The Cat and the Canary

Release Date:
Sep 9, 1927
Running Time:
Paul Leni
Laura La Plante
Creighton Hale
Forrest Stanley
Tully Marshall
Flora Finch
Gertrude Astor
Lucien Littlefield
Arthur Edmund Carewe
Martha Mattox
George Siegmann

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The Cat and the Canary

The relatives of Cyrus West gather at his estate on the 20th anniversary of his death to hear the reading of his will. Annabelle West is named the heir to Cyrus' fortune, under the condition that she is declared sane by a doctor . Later in the evening, the family is informed that a dangerously insane man known at ''the Cat'' is on the loose in the area. When Cyrus' lawyer is found dead, Annabelle fears she is the next target.

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