The Bride Wore Black

Release Date:
Mar 22, 1968
Running Time:
Jeanne Moreau Julie Kohler
Claude Rich Bliss
Jean-Claude Brialy Corey
Michel Bouquet Coral
Charles Denner Fergus
Michael Lonsdale Rene Morane
Daniel Boulanger Delvaux
Alexandra Stewart Mlle Becker
Fran├žois Truffaut , Marcel Berbert , Oscar Lewenstein
Jean-Louis Richard, Fran├žois Truffaut, Cornell Woolrich

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The Bride Wore Black

After newly widowed Julie Kohler's mother stops her from commiting suicide, she hatches a different plan to deal with her grief. In a small black book, she lists five men. One by one she visits the men with murderous intentions, assuming different identities to get close to them. Only one man remains elusive, having been captured by the cops before Julie could reach him -- but despite the obstacles, Julie intends to see her task through to the end.

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