The Beast With Five Fingers

Release Date:
Dec 25, 1946
Running Time:
Robert Florey
Robert Alda Bruce Conrad
Andrea King Julie Holden
Peter Lorre Hilary Cummins
Victor Francen Francis Ingram
J. Carrol Naish Commissario Ovidio Castanio
Charles Dingle Raymond Arlington
John Alvin Donald Arlington
David Hoffman Duprex
Patricia White Clara
Barbara Brown Mrs. Miller
William Edmunds Antonio
Belle Mitchell Giovanna
Pedro de Cordoba Horatio
Ray Walker Mr. Miller
William Jacobs , Jack L. Warner
William Fryer Harvey, Curt Siodmak

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The Beast With Five Fingers

Astrologist Hilary Cummins works as a personal assistant to the eccentric and mostly paralyzed pianist, Francis Ingram . A nurse, Julie Holden also lives at the Italian villa to help care for Ingram, who plays the piano with only his undamaged left hand. Following a visit from a scam artist, Ingram crashes down the stairs to his death -- and a plague of bizarre events ensues that are attributed to the musician's disembodied left hand.

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