The Battle of Algiers

Release Date:
Mar 13, 1967
Running Time:
Historical Drama,War
Gillo Pontecorvo
Jean Martin Col. Mathieu
Yacef Saadi Djafar
Brahim Haggiag Ali La Pointe
Tommaso Neri Captain (uncredited)
Samia Kerbash One of the girls
Michele Kerbash Fathia (uncredited)
Fusia El Kader Halima
Mohamed Ben Kassen Petit Omar
Antonio Musu , Yacef Saadi
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The Battle of Algiers

Paratrooper commander Colonel Mathieu, a former French Resistance fighter during World War II, is sent to 1950s Algeria to reinforce efforts to squelch the uprisings of the Algerian War. There he faces Ali la Pointe, a former petty criminal who, as the leader of the Algerian Front de Liberation Nationale, directs terror strategies against the colonial French government occupation. As each side resorts to ever-increasing brutality, no violent act is too unthinkable.

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