The Bat Whispers

Release Date:
Nov 13, 1930
Running Time:
Roland West
Chester Morris Detective Anderson
Una Merkel Dale Van Gorder
Maude Eburne Lizzie Allen
Chance Ward Police lieutenant
Richard Tucker Mr. Bell
Wilson Benge The Butler
DeWitt Jennings Police captain
Sidney D'Albrook Police sergeant
S.E. Jennings Man in black mask
Grayce Hampton Cornelia van Gorder
Spencer Charters The Caretaker
William Bakewell Brook
Gustav von Seyffertitz Dr. Venner
Hugh Huntley Richard Fleming
Charles Dow Clark Detective Jones
Ben Bard The Unknown
Joseph M. Schenck
Roland West

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The Bat Whispers

Infamous burglar ''The Bat'' commits a daring jewelry theft despite heavy police presence. Soon after, a bank theft occurs, which may be the work of the criminal as well. Meanwhile, Cornelia Van Gorder has various people arrive at her old mansion, including her niece, Dale, a bank employee, and police detective Anderson . When guests start turning up dead, Cornelia begins to suspect that The Bat may be lurking around the estate.

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