The Baron of Arizona

Release Date:
Mar 4, 1950
Running Time:
Samuel Fuller
Vincent Price James Addison Reavis
Ellen Drew Sofia de Peralta-Reavis
Beulah Bondi Loma Morales
Vladimir Sokoloff Pepito Alvarez
Reed Hadley John Griff
Robert H. Barrat Judge Adams
Robin Short Tom Lansing
Barbara Woodell Mrs. Carrie Lansing
Tina Rome
Margia Dean Marquesa de Santella
Edward Keane Surveyor General Miller
Gene Roth Father Guardian
Karen Kester Sofia
Joe Greene Mr. Gunther
Fred Kohler Jr. Demmings
Tristram Coffin McCleary
Angelo Rosito Angie
I. Stanford Jolley Mr. Richardson
Terry Frost Morelle
Zacharias Yaconelli Greco
Adolfo Ornelas Mr. Martinez
Wheaton Chambers Brother Gregory
Robert O'Neil Brother Paul
Stephen S. Harrison Surveyor's Assistant
Carl K. Hittleman
Samuel Fuller

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The Baron of Arizona

Thirty years before Arizona achieves statehood, scam artist James Addison Reavis cooks up an elaborate scheme to claim the territory as his own. Reavis convinces Mexican immigrant Pepito that his daughter is the heir to a barony of land granted by Spain, and then departs for years of patient efforts to create a false paper trail. He returns years later to claim the now-grown heir, Sofia, as his wife, but will his plan withstand scrutiny?

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