The Barkleys of Broadway

Release Date:
May 4, 1949
Running Time:
Charles Walters
Fred Astaire Josh Barkley
Ginger Rogers Dinah Barkley
Oscar Levant Ezra Millar
Billie Burke Mrs. Livingston Belney
Gale Robbins Shirlene May
Jacques Francois Jacques Pierre Barredout
George Zucco The Judge
Clinton Sundberg Bert Felsher
Inez Cooper Pamela Driscoll
Carol Brewster Gloria Amboy
Wilson Wood Larry
Jean Andren First Woman (uncredited)
Laura Treadwell Second Woman (uncredited)
Margaret Bert Mary the Maid (uncredited)
Hans Conried Ladislaus Ladi (uncredited)
Frank Ferguson Mr. Perkins (uncredited)
Dee Turnell Blonde (uncredited)
Arthur Freed

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The Barkleys of Broadway

Josh and Dinah Barkley are a famous musical theater duo, but an argument on the opening night of their newest Broadway show reveals previously unspoken resentments. Dinah feels overshadowed by Josh, so when flirtatious playwright Jacques Pierre Barredout suggests she play the lead in his new drama about Sarah Bernhardt, she separates from Josh and endeavors to become a serious actress. Can producer Ezra Miller reunite the duo?

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