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The Barbarian Invasions

Invasion of the Barbarians
Release Date:
Aug 30, 2003
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Denys Arcand
Rémy Girard Remy
Stéphane Rousseau Sébastien
Marie-Josée Croze Nathalie
Marina Hands Gaelle
Dorothée Berryman Louise
Johanne-Marie Tremblay Sister Constance Lazure
Dominique Michel Dominique
Louise Portal Diane
Yves Jacques Claude
Pierre Curzi Pierre
Sophie Lorain First Lover
Toni Cecchinato Alessandro
Mitsou Gelinas Ghislaine
Isabelle Blais Sylvaine
Markita Boies Nurse Suzanne
Micheline Lanctôt Nurse Carole
Jean-Marc Parent Ronald the Syndicalist
Denise Robert , Daniel Louis
Denys Arcand
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The Barbarian Invasions

In this sequel to ''The Decline of the American Empire,'' middle-aged Montreal-based professor Rémy discovers that he is terminally ill with cancer. This revelation leads to his reconnecting with his son, Sébastien, a finance expert living in London who has embraced ideals that are at odds with his father's socialist leanings. As Remy reconnects with his son, and other relatives and friends, they discuss everything from sex to politics to philosophy.

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