The Bad and the Beautiful

Release Date:
Jan 15, 1953
Running Time:
Vincente Minnelli
Lana Turner Georgia Lorrison
Kirk Douglas Jonathan Shields
Walter Pidgeon Harry Pebbel
Dick Powell James Lee Bartlow
Barry Sullivan Fred Amiel
Gloria Grahame Rosemary Bartlow
Gilbert Roland Victor ``Gaucho'' Ribera
Leo G. Carroll Henry Whitfield
Vanessa Brown Kay Amiel
Paul Stewart Syd Murphy
Sammy White Gus
Elaine Stewart Lila
Ivan Triesault Von Ellstein
Kathleen Freeman Miss March (uncredited)
Jonathan Cott Assistant Director (uncredited)
Marietta Canty Ida (uncredited)
Lucille Knoch Blonde Dancing with Gaucho (uncredited)
Steve Forrest Actor in Georgia's Screen Test (uncredited)
Perry Sheehan Pebbel's Secretary (uncredited)
Francis X. Bushman Eulogist (uncredited)
Robert Burton McDill (uncredited)
Madge Blake Mrs. Rosser (uncredited)
Dorothy Patrick Arlene (uncredited)
John Houseman
George Bradshaw, Charles Schnee

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The Bad and the Beautiful

Unscrupulous movie producer Jonathan Shields is a child of Hollywood who ruthlessly toils his way to the top of the studio system, discarding movie star Georgia, director Fred Amiel and writer James Lee Bartlow along the way. Although Shields manipulates them and leaves each in despair, they find success in Hollywood, thanks in part to Shields, and must decide whether or not to repay him when he offers them a collaborative project.

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