The Bachelor

Release Date:
Nov 3, 1999
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Gary Sinyor
Chris O'Donnell Jimmie Shannon
Renée Zellweger Anne Arden
Hal Holbrook Roy O'Dell
James Cromwell The Priest
Artie Lange Marco
Ed Asner Sid Gluckman
Marley Shelton Natalie Arden
Sarah Silverman Carolyn
Stacy Edwards Zoe
Rebecca Cross Stacey
Jennifer Esposito Daphne
Katharine Towne Monique
Peter Ustinov Grandad Shannon
Mariah Carey Ilana
Brooke Shields Buckley Hale-Windsor
Jeffrey T. Barabe , Michael De Luca , Leon Dudevoir , Stephen W. Hollocker , Bing Howenstein , Donna Langley , Chris O'Donnell , Lloyd Segan
Jean C. Havez, Clyde Bruckman, Joseph A. Mitchell, Steve Cohen

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The Bachelor

Jimmie and Anne are in a committed relationship, but the pressure is mounting on Jimmie to propose. Rather than lose Anne, Jimmie decides to ask for her hand in marriage. But when he delivers a lackluster speech to her, Anne turns him down. Jimmie soon finds out that he has one day to find a woman and marry her; otherwise he will lose out on his hefty inheritance. What ensues is a crazed search through Jimmie's past to find a suitable bride.

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