The Adventures of Martin Eden

Release Date:
Feb 26, 1942
Running Time:
Sidney Salkow
Glenn Ford Martin Eden
Claire Trevor Connie Dawson
Evelyn Keyes Ruth Morley
Stuart Erwin Joe Dawson
Dickie Moore Johnny
Ian MacDonald 'Butch' Raglan
Frank Conroy Carl Brissenden
Rafaela Ottiano Marie Sylva
Pierre Watkin Amos Morley
Regina Wallace Mrs. Morley
Robert J. Mcdonald The Judge
Samuel Bronston , B.P. Schulberg
W.L. River

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The Adventures of Martin Eden

Martin Eden is an aspiring writer who takes a job as a merchant seaman. After suffering extreme abuse at the hands of the captain, his boyhood rival Butch Raglan, he writes a book chronicling the brutality at sea and detailing the plight of sailor Joe Dawson, who was wrongfully accused of murder. Unfortunately, Butch puts all his energies into making sure Martin's memoirs never see the light of day, and the sailor must fight to get them published.

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