The Adventures of Marco Polo

Release Date:
Apr 15, 1938
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Archie Mayo
Gary Cooper Marco Polo
Sigrid Gurie Princess Kukachin
Basil Rathbone Ahmed
George Barbier Kublai Khan
Binnie Barnes Nazama
Ernest Truex Binguccio
Alan Hale Kaidu
Samuel Goldwyn

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The Adventures of Marco Polo

When Venetian explorer Marco Polo and his assistant, Binguccio, travel to Peking to locate Chinese treasures, they meet Emperor Kublai Khan and his beautiful daughter, Princess Kukachin . The emperor's adviser, Ahmed, sends Marco away from the palace in order to overthrow Kublai Khan and marry Kukachin. It is up to Marco to stop the plot, defeat the villain and win the hand of the princess.

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