The 3 Worlds of Gulliver

Release Date:
Dec 16, 1960
Running Time:
Jack Sher
Kerwin Mathews Dr. Lemuel Gulliver
Jo Morrow Gwendolyn
June Thorburn Elizabeth
Lee Patterson Reldresal
Gregoire Aslan King Brob
Basil Sydney Emperor of Lilliput
Charles Lloyd Pack Makovan
Martin Benson Flimnap
Mary Ellis Queen of Brobdingnag
Peter Bull Lord Bermogg
Alec Mango Minister of Lilliput
Sherri Alberoni Glumdalclitch
Marian Spencer Empress of Lilliput
Charles H. Schneer

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The 3 Worlds of Gulliver

Surgeon Lemuel Gulliver wants to explore the world before his marriage to Elizabeth, despite her wishes to the contrary. He sets off on a ship, but is reunited with Elizabeth when he discovers she's hidden aboard. Their reunion doesn't last long, however. A storm leads Gulliver to a strange land inhabited by tiny people called Lilliputians. His journey then takes him to a rival land called Blefuscu, and finally to a land of giants named Brobdingnag.

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