That Certain Woman

Release Date:
Sep 18, 1937
Running Time:
Edmund Goulding
Bette Davis Mary Donnell
Henry Fonda Jack V. Merrick, Jr.
Ian Hunter Lloyd Rogers
Anita Louise Florence ''Flip'' Carson Merrick
Donald Crisp Jack V. Merrick Sr.
Hugh O'Connell Virgil Whitaker
Katharine Alexander Mrs. Lloyd Rogers
Mary Phillips Amy
Minor Watson Clark Tilden
Ben Welden Harry Aqueilli
Sidney Toler Detective Lieutenant Neely
Charles Trowbridge Dr. ''Doc'' James
Norman Willis Fred
Robert Lord , Hal B. Wallis , Jack L. Warner
Edmund Goulding

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That Certain Woman

After the death of her gangster husband, Mary Donnell starts working as a secretary for lawyer Lloyd Rogers, who quickly develops feelings for her despite his marriage. Then Mary meets Jack, and they elope, but their brief bliss is interrupted by Jack's father, who pursues an annulment. Nine months later, Mary bears Jack's child, but Jack has a new wife who suffered injuries in an accident. Mary must face the many challenges that come her way.

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