Thanks for Everything

Release Date:
Dec 2, 1938
Running Time:
William A. Seiter
Adolphe Menjou J.B. Harcourt
Jack Oakie Bates
Jack Haley Henry Smith
Arleen Whelan Madge Raines
Binnie Barnes Kay Swift
George Barbier Joe Raines
Warren Hymer Marine Sergeant
Gregory Gaye Ambassador
Andrew Tombes Mayor
Renie Riano Mrs. Sweeney
Jan Duggan Miss Twitchell
Charles Lane Dr. Olson
Charles Trowbridge Draft Doctor
Frank Sully Lem Slininger
Gary Breckner Announcer
Paul Hurst Guard
James Flavin Policeman
Edgar Dearing Policeman
Harry Joe Brown

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Thanks for Everything

When Henry Smith wins a radio contest seeking to find the ideal everyday American, he is quickly put to use in a wide array of advertising. Prodded along by greedy promoters Bates and Harcourt, the unsuspecting Henry is soon shilling all sort of products. However, Henry's girlfriend, Madge Raines, realizes that Bates and Harcourt are using him for devious purposes, leading to a confrontation between big business and the little guy.

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