Thank Your Lucky Stars

Release Date:
Oct 1, 1943
Running Time:
David Butler
Eddie Cantor Himself/Joe Simpson
Dinah Shore Herself
Dennis Morgan Tommy Randolph
Joan Leslie Pat Dixon
S.Z. Sakall Dr. Schlenna
Edward Everett Horton Farnsworth
Ruth Donnelly Nurse Hamilton
Joyce Reynolds Girl with Book (uncredited)
Richard Lane Barney Johnson (uncredited)
Don Wilson Radio Announcer
Henry Armetta Angelo the Barber (uncredited)
Willie Best Soldier (uncredited)
Humphrey Bogart Himself
Bette Davis Herself
Jack Carson Himself
Olivia de Havilland Herself
Errol Flynn Himself
Mark Hellinger

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Thank Your Lucky Stars

Dr. Schlenna and Farnsworth are attempting to put together a wartime charity show with an ensemble of stars, but must indulge the hubris of singer Eddie Cantor in order to gain the participation of Dinah Shore . Meanwhile, Eddie Cantor look-alike Joe Simpson (also Cantor) drives a tour bus, taking tourists to various Hollywood locations. When the producers discover his singing talents, he offers them a solution to their problems.

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