Tess - viattomuuden tarina

Release Date:
Oct 25, 1979
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Roman Polanski
Nastassja Kinski Tess
Peter Firth Angel Clare
Leigh Lawson Alec d'Urberville
John Collin John Durbeyfield
David Markham Reverend Mr. Clare
Rosemary Martin Mrs. Durbeyfield
Richard Pearson Vicar of Marlott
Carolyn Pickles Marian
Pascale de Boysson Mrs. Clare
Tony Church Parson Tringham
John Bett Felix Clare
Tom Chadbon Cuthbert Clare
Sylvia Coleridge Mrs. d'Urberville
Caroline Embling Retty
Arielle Dombasle Mercy Chant
Brigid Erin Bates Girl in meadow
Jeanne Biras Girl in meadow
Josine Comellas Mrs. Crick
Patsy Smart Housekeeper
Graham Weston Constable
Claude Berri , Timothy Burrill , Pierre Grunstein
Gérard Brach, Roman Polanski, John Brownjohn

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Tess - viattomuuden tarina

In Roman Polanski's take on ''Tess of the D'Urbervilles,'' impressionable young Tess is sent by her alcoholic father to visit her rich relatives and apply for a job. She's taken in and immediately seduced by her cousin, Alec, who leaves her pregnant. She keeps it to herself and, after the child dies, begins a relationship with a respectable farmer, Angel . They marry, but when Angel learns of her speckled past, he's not sure he can live with it.

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