Terror by Night

Sherlock Holmes: Terror by Night
Sherlock Holmes in Terror by Night
Sherlock Holmes: Terror by Night
Sherlock Holmes in Terror by Night
Release Date:
Feb 1, 1946
Running Time:
Roy William Neill
Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Bruce Dr. John H. Watson
Alan Mowbray Maj. Duncan-Bleek
Dennis Hoey Inspector Lestrade
Renee Godfrey Vivian Vedder
Mary Forbes Lady Margaret Carstairs
Billy Bevan Passenger Car Attendant
Frederic Worlock Prof. William Kilbane
Leyland Hodgson Train Conductor (uncredited)
Geoffrey Steele Hon. Roland Carstairs
Boyd Davis Inspector MacDonald (uncredited)
Janet Murdoch Mrs. Shallcross (uncredited)
Skelton Knaggs Sands
Gerald Hamer Alfred Shallcross (uncredited)
Harry Cording Mock
Charles Knight Guard (uncredited)
Bobby Wissler Mock's Son (uncredited)
Roy William Neill , Howard Benedict
Frank Gruber

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Terror by Night

In London, Lady Margaret Carstairs and her son, Roland, engage renowned detective Sherlock Holmes to accompany them back home to Scotland as protection for their priceless gem, the Star of Rhodesia. When Roland turns up murdered and the Star disappears, Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson investigate -- only to discover another murder, and a strange connection with Watson's acquaintance Maj. Duncan-Bleek .

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