Tall, Dark and Handsome

Release Date:
Jan 24, 1941
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
H. Bruce Humberstone
Cesar Romero J.J. ``Shep'' Morrison
Virginia Gilmore Judy Miller
Charlotte Greenwood Mrs. Winnie Sage
Milton Berle Frosty Welch
Sheldon Leonard Pretty Willie Williams
Stanley Clements Detroit Harry Morrison Jr.
Frank Jenks Puffy
Barnett Parker Quentin

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Tall, Dark and Handsome

In order to date pretty shopgirl Judy Miller, notorious gang boss Shep Morrison introduces himself as a banker, widower and father. Shep's henchman, Frosty, provides a feisty little boy, Detroit Harry Jr., to play Shep's son. The ruse works, and Judy soon falls in love with Shep. But, when a rival gangster threatens him, Judy learns his true identity and confides her fears to Frosty, who makes a startling revelation.

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