Taking Sides

Release Date:
Sep 5, 2003
Running Time:
István Szabó
Harvey Keitel Major Steve Arnold
Stellan Skarsgard Dr. Wilhelm Furtwängler
Moritz Bleibtreu Lt. David Wills
Birgit Minichmayr Emmi Straube
Oleg Tabakov Tabakov
Ulrich Tukur Helmut Rode, 2nd violinist
Hanns Zischler Rudolf Werner, oboist
August Zirner Captain Ed Martin
Robin Renucci Captain Vernay
R. Lee Ermey General Wallace
Frank Leboeuf French Aide
Armin Rohde Schlee, timpanist
Jed Curtis Colonel Green
Daniel White Sergeant Adams
Rinat Shaham Jazz Singer
Yves Pasquier

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Taking Sides

This drama, based on a true story, focuses on the American-led investigation of Wilhelm Furtwangler, a famous German conductor suspected of working with the Nazis. Maj. Steve Arnold is charged with making an example of Furtwangler due to his status as a high-profile cultural figure, and pulls no punches in questioning him about possible ties to the Hitler regime. However, as Arnold presses forward, his assumptions about Furtwangler don't necessarily hold up.

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