Suzie Washington

Release Date:
Nov 19, 1998
Running Time:
Florian Flicker
Birgit Doll Nana Iaschwili
August Zirner Herbet Korn
Karl Ferdinand Kratzl Illegaler Grenzgänger
Wolfram Berger Hüttenwirt
Nina Proll Stewardess
Carmen Loley Polizistin
Merab Ninidze Resa Madani
Liliana Nelska Frau Holländer
Boris Eder Reiseleiter
Brigitte Kren Frau Haberl
Florian Flicker, Michael Sturminger

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Suzie Washington

Nana is en route to immigrate to the United States from Russia when she is detained at an airport in Austria. Since her documents are fakes, she uses an opportune moment to escape the authorities and go on the run. Stuck in an unfamiliar country and unable to speak the language, Nana attempts to continue traveling west, allowing strangers to help her out when they are so inclined. Despite assistance from others, getting out of Austria proves to be very difficult.

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