Summer School

Release Date:
Jul 22, 1987
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Carl Reiner
Mark Harmon Mr. Freddy Shoop
Kirstie Alley Ms. Robin Elizabeth Bishop
Robin Thomas Vice Principal Phil Gills
Patrick Labyorteaux Kevin Winchester
Courtney Thorne-Smith Pam House
Dean Cameron Francis 'Chainsaw' Gremp
Gary Riley Dave Frazier
Kelly Minter Denise Green
Ken Olandt Larry Kazamias
Shawnee Smith Rhonda Altobello
Richard Steven Horvitz Alan Eakian
Fabiana Udenio Anna-Maria Mazarelli
Frank McCarthy Principal Kelban
Tom Troupe Judge
Lucy Lee Flippin Ms. Cura
Amy Stock Kim
Beau Starr Mr. Gremp
Laura Waterbury Mrs. Gremp
Robin Kaufman Chainsaw's Sister
Dottie Archibald Mrs. Frazier
Patricia Conklin Mrs. Kazimias
Vivian Bonnell Mrs. Green
Judy Heinz Mrs. Altobello
Michael MacRae Mr. Winchester
Carl Reiner Mr. Dearadorian
Lillian Adams Grandma Eakian
Duane Davis Jerome Watkins
David Wakefield Scuzzy Kid'
Conroy Gedeon Mr. Winnick
Bill Capizzi Security Guard
George Shapiro , Howard West , Marc Trabulus
Jeff Franklin

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Summer School

Apathetic gym teacher Freddy Shoop is ready to take the summer off in Hawaii, but he's forced to either teach summer-school English or risk losing his tenure. Now he's stuck teaching a group of unmotivated students as disappointed to be stuck in school over the summer as he is. But with the help of a friendly history teacher, Shoop is at least learning how to act the part of supportive mentor and perhaps even learning something about himself as well.

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