Song of Love

Release Date:
Jul 23, 1947
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Clarence Brown
Katharine Hepburn Clara Wieck Schumann
Paul Henreid Robert Schumann
Robert Walker Johannes Brahms
Henry Daniell Franz Liszt
Leo G. Carroll Professor Wieck
Gigi Perreau Julie
Tala Birell Princess Valerie Hohenfels
Henry Stephenson King Albert
Else Janssen Bertha
Ann Carter Marie
Janine Perreau Eugenie
Ludwig Stossel Haslinger
Jimmy Hunt Ludwig
Anthony Sydes Ferdinand
Roman Bohnen Dr. Hoffman
Clarence Brown

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Song of Love

In this musical biopic, Clara Wieck is a budding concert pianist, but when she meets composer Robert Schumann, she forgets her dreams to marry him. Years later, after the birth of their seven children, Robert dies of illness in a mental institution. While Clara deals with her loss and her newly inherited debts, Johannes Brahms reveals that he loves her and offers her a new life as his wife. But Clara still has some unfinished business.

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