So Proudly We Hail

Release Date:
Jun 22, 1943
Running Time:
Mark Sandrich
Claudette Colbert Lt. Janet ''Davy'' Davidson
Paulette Goddard Lt. Joan O'Doul
Veronica Lake Lt. Olivia D'Arcy
George Reeves Lt. John Summers
Barbara Britton Lt. Rosemary Larson
Walter Abel Chaplain
Sonny Tufts Kansas
Mary Servoss Capt. ''Ma'' McGregor
Ted Hecht Dr. Jose Bardia
John Litel Dr. Harrison
Mary Treen Lt. Sadie Schwartz
Kitty Kelly Lt. Ethel Armstrong
Helen Lynd Lt. Elsie Bollenbacher
Lorna Gray Lt. Tony Dacelli
Dorothy Adams Lt. Irma Emerson
Ann Doran Lt. Betty Peterson
Jean Willes Lt. Carol Johnson
Jan Wiley Lt. Lynne Hopkins
Dick Hogan Flight Lt. Archie McGregor
Bill Goodwin Capt. O'Rourke
James Flavin Capt. O'Brien
Byron Foulger Mr. Larson
James Millican Young Ensign
Yvonne De Carlo Girl
Mark Sandrich

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So Proudly We Hail

During the start of the Pacific campaign in World War II, Lieutenant Janet Davidson is the head of a group of U.S. military nurses who are trapped behind enemy lines in the Philippines. Davidson tries to keep up the spirits of her staff, which includes Lieutenants Joan O'Doul and Olivia D'Arcy . They all seek to maintain a sense of normal life, including dating, while under constant danger as they tend to wounded soldiers.

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