Smart People

Release Date:
Apr 11, 2008
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Drama,Romantic Comedy
Noam Murro
Dennis Quaid Lawrence Wetherhold
Sarah Jessica Parker Janet
Thomas Haden Church Chuck
Ellen Page Vanessa
Ashton Holmes James
David Denman William
Camille Mana Missy
Christine Lahti Nancy
Don Wadsworth Hadley
Robert Haley Roth
Patrick Sebes Curtis
Kevin James Doyle Rodney
Paul J. Huber Ben
Bridget Johnson , Michael Costigan , Michael London , Bruna Papandrea , Jennifer Roth , Omar Amanat , Steffen Aumuller , Marina Grasic , Kenneth Orkin , Ed Rugoff , Bill Block , Paul Hanson
Mark Jude Poirier
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Smart People

Acerbic, selfish and widowed, literature professor Lawrence Wetherhold is estranged from his son and his overachieving teenage daughter. Just as he begins a relationship with a former student, Lawrence's ne'er-do-well adoptive brother lands on his doorstep. Lawrence realizes he must make some changes in his life and reconnect with his children in order to get on with his life.

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