L'École de ski s'envoie en l'air

Release Date:
Jan 11, 1991
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Damian Lee
Dean Cameron Dave Marshak
Tom Breznahan John E. Roland
Patrick Labyorteaux Ed Young
Mark Thomas Miller Reid Janssens
Darlene Vogel Lori
Charlie Spradling Paulette
Ava Fabian Victoria
Spencer Rochfort Derek Stevens
Stuart Fratkin Fitz Fitzgerald
Gaetana Korbin Bridget
Mark High Anton Bryce
Alison Dobie Ooh Dave Girl
Stacey Brink Half Naked Woman
Kate Healey Santa's Helper
Karen Isaaks Very Sweet Girl
Christina Marazzo Young Woman
Jeff Sackman , Damian Lee

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L'École de ski s'envoie en l'air

Dave Marshak and his friends are a pack of highly skilled skiers and devoted party animals. On the slopes, they are known as ''Section 8.'' But their reputation is at risk when a ski school of snobs -- headed by pompous and preppy Reid Janssens -- shows up looking to win the end-of-season downhill competition. Now, the stakes have never been higher because, if Section 8 is beaten, they'll lose more than bragging rights. They'll also lose their jobs.

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