Secret Command

Release Date:
May 25, 1944
Running Time:
A. Edward Sutherland
Pat O'Brien Sam Gallagher
Carole Landis Jill McCann
Chester Morris Jeff Gallagher
Ruth Warrick Lea Damaron
Barton MacLane Red Kelly
Tom Tully Brownell
Wallace Ford Miller
Howard Freeman Max Lessing
Erik Rolf Ben Royall
Matt McHugh Curly
Frank Sully Shawn
Frank Fenton Simms
Charles D. Brown James Thane
Roy Chanslor

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Secret Command

Sam Gallagher returns home to Los Angeles as an undercover spy for the Navy, getting a job at the shipyards where his brother, Jeff, is a foreman. Jeff still resents Sam for abandoning the family years ago and fears he may steal away Lea Damaron, his current girlfriend -- who is Sam's old flame. While Sam tries to sniff out Nazi saboteurs in the plant, he grows closer to Jill McGann, the agent tasked with pretending to be his wife.

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