Al fin solos

Release Date:
Jan 3, 1941
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
H. C. Potter
Fred Astaire Danny O'Neill
Paulette Goddard Ellen Miller
Burgess Meredith Hank Taylor
Artie Shaw Artie Shaw
Charles Butterworth Mr. Chisholm
Frank Melton Stu
Jimmy Conlin Mr. Dunn
Adia Kuznetzoff Boris
Michael Visaroff Sergai
Joseph Marievsky Ivan
Don Brodie Clerk
Billy Benedict Ticket Taker
Ben Hall Western Union Boy

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Al fin solos

Two music students, rather than face the responsibilities of life, repeatedly fail their exams so that they can stay in college. The students change their attitude, however, when they meet a woman who agrees to be their manager and both attempt to woo her as a way of getting a job in Artie Shaw's band. Featuring the Oscar-nominated ``Would You Like to Be the Love of My Life?''.

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