Screen Door Jesus

Release Date:
Sep 30, 2005
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Kirk Davis
Myk Watford Dawson
Anjanette Comer Vernalynn Cunningham
Buck Taylor Old Man Nickels
Alaina Kalanj Sharon Beaudry
Cliff Stevens George Herbert
Josh Berry Hank Jeters
Mark Dalton Duane
Silvia Moore Joycie Conroy
Richard Dillard Mayor
Cynthia Dorn Mother Harper
Scarlett McAlister Ronette
Franchelle S. Dorn Momma Nell
Julius Tennon Fallon
Sam Adelman , David Stuart , Joe Bratcher III , Elzbieta Szoka

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Screen Door Jesus

In a small East Texas town, the inhabitants are either bored, self-righteous, scheming or all three. It seems nothing occurs to shake their daily routines. However, all of that changes when Mother Harper finds a curious thing imprinted on her screen door: the image of Jesus Christ. With talk of a miracle circulating high and low, the once-obscure town attracts all kinds of fanatics and believers, while locals from the mayor on down are affected.

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